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Doctor’s Recruitment Notice of Lanzhou University Second Hospital 2014-2015

LanzhouUniversitySecondHospital offers you a challenging career with unlimited opportunities. Come join our team and make a difference in the lives of people

LanzhouUniversitySecondHospital, for treatment development, intended to recruit medical post-doctoral students, medical doctoral students, and medical master students.

Professional requirements: clinical medical professional, medical examination, medical image and other relative professionals.


Basic conditions:

We focus on graduate degree and above, generally under 40 years of age. (The first degree should be the full-time undergraduate colleges and universities) your English language level to CET6 or above, with an excellent professional knowledge to accommodate clinical medical work. We give priority to someone who has already published SCI publications and essays.

All employees need to provide a copy of the resume, degree certificate and relative materials. Your resume should involve your work experience, your academic level, teaching level, research, management performance, the list of publications and essays, awarding, additionally, please mark your telephone number, address as well as E-mail address.


Contact Information:
Those who are interested, please sent your resume to:
If you would like to find out more future career opportunities, please contact our Office at:

Lanzhou University Second Hospital
No. 82 Cuiyingmen Lanzhou, Gansu province, P R. China.

Tel: 86-931-8942259

This notice is long-term effective.