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The 3rd China Silk Road Orthopedic Summit Forum in China and the Gansu Provincial Orthopedic Annual meeting held in 2017


During July 7th and 8th, The 3rd China Silk Road Orthopedic Summit Forum in China and the Gansu Provincial Orthopedic Annual meeting was held by Gansu Provincial Medical Association Orthopedic Professional Committee and Gansu Province Medical Association Orthopedic Medicine Branch co-sponsored. Lanzhou University Second Hospital Orthopedics Department and the Third People's Hospital of Gansu Province hosted this meeting together in Lanzhou.


The the opening ceremony of the forum attracted numerous famous professors, including Prof. Wang Yan, President of Orthopedic Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Professor Wang Kunzheng, Chairman of Chinese Medical Association Orthopedic Branch, Professor Kurokawa Changhong, Kobe University, Mrs.Guo Yufen, Director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Gansu Province, Mr. Li Wenqing, Director of Science and Technology Department of Gansu Province , Vice President An Lizhe, Lanzhou University. Mrs.Guo Yufen delivered praise for the previous forums on the contribution of the cause of Gansu Province; she put forward new hope and requirements to this forum. At the end of the opening ceremony, Prof. An Lizhe presented the letter of appointment to Prof. Hiroshi Hiroshi, Honorary Professor of Lan Da Er Yuan.


More than 1000 representatives attended this forum. In addition, the education courses - AOCC trauma basic training program and the national sports medicine basic training program were added to the forum. Experts gave excellence lectures on the relevant sub-professional hotspots and difficult issues. At 8th PM., the forum was divided into 4 sub-forum to discuss sequentially. In the forum, there are 8 representatives on behalf our hospital delivered impressed speeches. The grand opening of this forum means that orthopedics department in our province, especially, the academic level was going to form s a higher and larger platform.