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Lanzhou University Second Hospital Initialed the Specialist Alliances

On August 16th afternoon, Lanzhou University Second Hospital has signed an agreement to launch a comprehensive specialist alliance with 206 medical institutions inside and outside of Gansu province. In future, the members of the alliance will achieve mutual recognition of inspection results, medical resources sharing, hierarchical medical, two-way referral, which is a new step that  Lanzhou University Second Hospital to implement the new health care reform policy and to promote the construction of the relative system.


According to reports, Lanzhou University Second Hospital will take the preponderant discipline and characteristic specialized subject and technology to establish the guidance and cooperation mechanisms with primary health care institutions for improving capacity of the major disease treatment at the grass-roots level.


The same day, there are 203 hospitals at different levels, including provinces level, municipalities level, counties level, village-level medical institutions. In addition, Lanzhou University Second Hospital signed a treaty of alliance with 3 medical institutions in the other province, including the Second People's Hospital of Xining City.